Rebecca is currently filming a new series for BBC and is a regular reporter on BBC 1’s Watchdog . She received widespread critical acclaim on BBC Three’s Mischief series including the episodes Who Made Me Fat?, Britain’s Embarrassing Emissions and Money For Nothing. Rebecca has also recently co-presented the ITV1 series Dishing The Dirt with chef Phil Vickery.

Her love of animals was put to the test when she presented the experimental and outrageous BBC3 series My Life As An Animal with wildlife television legend Terry Nutkins. She has also presented the beauty segments on Channel 4 ‘s hot show How To Look Good Naked and is the consumer expert for ITV1’s This Morning. She presented a one hour biography on the British F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton: Billion Dollar Man for BBC Three and BBC One .

Rebecca was first seen as an undercover reporter on BBC Three’s Conning The Conmen, a high octane series that combined the humour and daring of Balls of Steel with the worthy targets of Rogue Traders.

Before becoming a presenter, Rebecca worked in television production and proved herself to be a highly capable self-shooting AP working on a wide range of factual programmes from Cops With Cameras to Hell’s Kitchen. She has an English Literature degree from Oxford Universtity which she says qulaifies her for nothing but at least she can talk about it prettily.

Rebecca is comfortable in any situation and able to think quickly on her feet, using her wit and chutzpah to amuse and entertain. She has the ability to combine journalistic head with comedic timing and is always up for a challenge.

She has recently just had a baby and is greatly enjoying the privileges and struggles that being a mother involve.